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  • It’s Off To San Diego….. We’re Rolling!

    We are on the bus headed to San Diego. The last two shows were AMAZING!! West coast love is seriously somethin’ when you can get it.

    Anaheim was 1st. The crowd was so dope. We found out thru trial and error, that Alicia Key’s crowd, for the most part, is a lil’ more reserved. They ain’t really gonna stand up n’ act a fool like that. They’re gracious, but calm with it. So we’re getting use to that as we go……then Anaheim throws that whole thought outta wack!!! They were on their feet, singing along, WILDIN’ OUT!!! And it felt incredible.

    Then came the LA show. Very important show. A lot of very important people at this show, like friends n’ family of the band and dancers, not to mention the hollywood crowd. Lots of celebrities and press people that can and will be VERY nasty with those reviews. So needless to say, we were a lil’ on edge.

    My personal assistant, and official holder of my brain, told me of a pastor that she knew here, and suggested that we get him to come and say a prayer over our whole team. I was a lil’ worried at 1st, just because I don’t know everybody’s views on religion, and didn’t wanna force anyone to do anything they weren’t comfortable with.

    I asked everyone into the room and told them what I wanted to do, letting them know that if they weren’t with it, it was ok to leave the room. Everybody just looked around at each other, then just grabbed hands. The pastor prayed something so powerful, that after he was done, everybody just grabbed the person next to them and gave em’ a hug. It felt great.
    We got out on that stage with a power on us that we hadn’t felt before. The show was CRAZY!!! And the crowd definitely let us know they appreciated it.

    So now it’s off to Diego. I’ll let you know how it goes…………see you on the road.



    Check out my new EPK for the YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN album. I’m so excited about this new project, and the love that you guys have been showing me on the blog…

    I promise you that the album is INCREDIBLE!!!!!

    Enjoy the Epk below:


  • “God Knows What He’s Doing”

    Man, sittin’ in back of the tour bus thinking about last night’s show. Jordin’s back, has been for the last two. By the way she sounds, you’d never know anything was wrong at all. She’s kinda sexy in person too.

    Last night’s show was dope. The crowd was like IN IT, in it. That’s really important to a performer. Anybody that has ever seen me perform, knows that I leave it ALL on the stage. Walk off DRENCHED cause I want you to get your money’s worth. But if the crowd is just sittin’ there…………man. Just not a fly feeling is all.

    I haven’t had a chance to stay n’ watch Alicia’s show yet, which sucks cause I’m a fan. A serious fan. I love that she’s still REAL PEOPLE. No Hollywood, no code blue, none of that. Always smilin’ that prize winning smile…….she’s so fly.

    I’m just so grateful to be on this tour. I didn’t show it, never let em’ see you sweat, but that R. Kelly shit really had me down. But if you think about it, which tour makes more sense with who I am?? I ultimately look at it like God knows what he’s doin’. I wasn’t supposed to be on that other tour. This is where I am supposed to be.

    See you on the road…….


  • Im Back On The Road….

    So this tour started off a lil’ rocky. Jordin Sparks had vocal trouble before the ink was even dry on the contracts for the 1st show. It was all good tho, we said a prayer for Jordin, and kept it pushin’.

    1st two shows went “ok” at best. You know, lil’ choreography issues, sound issues, vocal issues…….start of a tour stuff. Then, Alicia gets sick. BAM, next two shows get cancelled. It happened very similar on my previous tour with a certain “pied piper of R&B”. Two shows in, and it was over, as if there was some kind of two show curse on me or somethin’. Two shows and DONE!!!

    But by the grace of GOD, Alicia pulled thru and we were back on track by St. Louis.  This was the show where we began catching our stride. Everybody’s energy was up and on point, from the band to the dancers, to the crowd…….just hype!!

    Everything felt good, except for me almost dropping one of my dancers on her head during a swing dance move……….yea.  Anyway, the last two shows have been on point, and we as a team just get stronger and stronger as we go.

    Good reviews, bad reviews (haters doing their job) it’s still just the beginning, we are slowly but surely catching our stride……see you on the road!!


  • Here Are Some Of My Favorite Fashions…

    I’m a fan of Paul Smith, Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, Polo, and of course Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Faragamo…….I think the essence of a gentlemen is clean and simple. Not too many patterns or colors fighting each other.

    Maybe one piece, a hat, shoe, tie with a lil’ flash, and everything else complimenting.


  • My Favorite GENTLEMAN Cologne

    I prefer a clean smell. One of my favorites is the Blue D&G.
    Can’t give you the others.  If everybody smells like me, then I’m not
    special anymore……ahaha.


    Photo Courtesy Of Lord & Taylor

  • What A Gentleman Drives….

    I’m currently driving that convertible Bentley coup, but I’ve
    recently developed an appreciation for the classics. Jaguar’s designs
    from the 50′s, very sleek and simple.

    I agree with Jay’s opinion
    on rims and such. Those talk too loud. They say, “HEY, LOOK AT ME!!!” A
    gentleman makes that statement without saying it, as does every aspect
    of him. Even his car.


    Image courtesy of Businessweek

  • Check Out My Billboard Magazine Cover

    Check out your boy on the latest cover of Billboard magazine. Can’t you feel the YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN coming…. Don’t forget my video for “Closer” premieres right here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., EST! Love Yall!!!


  • Are You Guys Ready For My “Closer” Video?

    Ahhhh… I love shooting music videos! I’m really excited about the “Closer” video, and can’t wait for you guys to see it tomorrow. It’s going to premiere right here on my blog tomorrow at 3:00 p.m., EST!

    In the meantime check out the audio:


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