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Ne-Yo Speaks On His New Album “R.E.D.”

Check out Ne-Yo’s latest interview with AOL Sessions.

“It’s so easy to be a celebrity nowadays,” Ne-Yo tells The BoomBox, sitting down for an interview following his exclusive Sessions performance in our New York studio. “I feel like the essence of what it is to be an artist has been lost … The work ethic of some of these younger artists that I’m coming across is embarrassing.”

He’s reminiscing about a time before showbiz shortcuts like Auto-Tune and viral YouTube videos. Still, as he releases his fifth studio album, ‘R.E.D.,’ out today (Nov. 6), the 30-year-old entertainer admits the effort is an attempt to make up for his own previous shortcomings.

“My last album [2010's Libra Scale] was not as commercially successful as my previous three and that’s 100 percent my fault,” he reveals, explaining the motive behind the decision to delay his ‘R.E.D.’ album release. “I didn’t pay as much attention to the music as I normally do, and I feel like I let my fans down.

“So with this fifth album, I have to make sure that everything is as right as humanly possible before I put it out there. I don’t want to say that this is my apology album, but to a degree it’s like I got a little too cool for the room with the last one.”

With the new LP, the singer-songwriter vows to “bring back” the Ne-Yo his fans know and love. Yet, the new album marks a lot of firsts for Ne-Yo, with this being his first release since moving from Def Jam to Motown Records and being appointed Senior Vice President of A&R at Motown. It’s also his first LP since becoming a father to daughter Madilyn and son Mason.

Check out Ne-Yo’s exclusive Sessions Q&A, performance and photo shoot below.

Your album title, R.E.D., is an acronym for “realizing every dream.” You’ve accomplished a lot in your career, but what dreams haven’t you realized yet?

Well, I’m a rather multifaceted person — or at least I like to fashion myself as such — so my dreams are multifaceted. For example, I had a dream of winning a Grammy, right. I’ve done that three times over. However, Stevie Wonder has done that in double digits, so, I got a little more work to do, you know what I mean. I dreamed of one day starring in a film. I’ve done that twice. Denzel Washington has done it countless times, so I still got some work to do. So with that being said, with every dream realized there’s another piece to that dream that has yet to be realized. So, you know more growing to do, more learning to do, just more dreams to realize.

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Ne-Yo “R.E.D.” Available Everywhere Now!

Click here to download the Deluxe version of “R.E.D.” on iTunes
Click here to download the Standard version of “R.E.D.” on iTunes

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