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Get Your Ne-Yo/Japan Fundraiser Tee Today!

As a part of his extensive outreach on behalf of the bereaved nation, NeYo has designed an exclusive line of “Spread Love with Music” tee shirts to benefit Japanese relief efforts. Proceeds of the “Spread Love with Music” tee shirts will go directly to the parts of Japan most devastated by the earthquake and tsunami. The shirts, on which a heart takes the place of the word “love” and a music note stands in for “music” use the universal language of symbols to convey the universal power of both love and music. The back of each shirt says simply, “Japan 2011.”

Get your shirts here: http://bit.ly/glqdoq

LIBRA SCALE Available Everywhere Now!

Click Here to download “Libra Scale” on iTunes.
Click Here to download “Libra Scale” Deluxe Edition on iTunes.

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