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Ne-Yo LIBRA SCALE Preview on That Grape Juice!

That Grape Juice was in the house at London’s swanky ‘Hospital’ venue last night (July 8th) for Ne-Yo’s exclusive ‘Libra Scale’ listening session.

Hosted by the man himself, 6 tracks from the album (his fourth) were showcased to the audience of select UK media outlets.

Check out our take on what the singer-songwriter is serving up this go round…

Prior to the album’s playback, a personable and witty Ne-Yo outlined a short-story, the narrative of which is threaded through each of the LP’s songs (and will be depicted in their accompanying videos)

The story centres on misadventures of ‘The Gentleman’, a trio consisting of Clyde, Leroy, and Jerome (played by Ne-Yo).  After encountering a mysterious figure, the ‘men are granted everything they could ever want – money, fame, cars, girls…and superpowers; the only catch being that they cannot fall in love.

For Clyde and Leroy, this proves to be an easy pre-condition to adhere to. However, it is Ne-Yo’s character, Jerome, who finds this a daunting task, after falling for Pretty Sinclair – a vivacious no nonsense stunner.

Having finally captured Sinclair’s heart, Jerome sleeps with her – only for her to suffer an adverse reaction after contracting a strain of his super-powers. This effectively drives her crazy, transforming her into a monster named ‘Diamond Eye’, who sets about destroying the Gotham-like city.

Disappointed in Jerome, the mysterious figure re-appears to offer him one of two options –  allow Diamond Eye AND Pretty Sinclair to  die, and the city is saved or Pretty Sinclair lives, all the damage Diamond Eye has done is reversed, but Jerome must die. We’re left with Jerome weighing up the decision on a ‘Libra Scale’…hence the album’s title.

Following?! Even I’m surprised I remembered all of that. More on my take on the story after the song previews…

Click here to read the rest of the review on That Grape Juice.

LIBRA SCALE Coming Soon!

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